So spart man Energie - und wie!

Dynamic motor optimising mit Powerboss

More than 10 years of development by committed engineers, plus long practical experience, stand behind the Powerboss, a market leader in motor management and energy saving.

The need for electric power - and the resulting costs - are in many firms regarded as fixed.  The Powerboss has put an end to this !  There is no electric motor which runs permanently at full load. Studies have revealed that the vast majority are, on average, not more that 50-60% loaded.

But the motor itself is "stupid" and unable, itself, to adjust to the changes in load.  But now the Powerboss can supply "intelligence". It adjusts smoothly the power supply to the need, every one hundredth of a second.  Current which the motor does not need for its worlöload is converted to heat.  Overheating shortens the life of the motor.

In this infra-red photo, you can see a row of motors with identical work-load. The second motor is controlled by a Powerboss and has hardly exceeded room temperaure. The others take all the current there is and have become unnecessarliy warm.

A secondary, if hard to evaluate, cost factor can be the unnecessaary environmental heating. Particularly in the summer months this can increase the costs of air-conditioning.

Well-known Powerboss users have confirmed reductions in energy costs of 20-40%. But even in the applications where less than 20% has been reached, the users confirm that the other benefits have contributed to operational stability, which also has an effect on the profits.