So spart man Energie - und wie!

Soft starts and stops with the Powerboss

The problem:
When starting, an uncontrolled motor suddenly develops an extremely high torque, at least 3.5 times the rating under full power.  This means high stress for motor and drive train, which results in a reduced life and/or higher maintenance sosts.  Produktion disruption is guaranteed.

The sudden load on the power supply (up to 12 times the normal load), can also cause serious problems for other users, paarticularly when these machines are computer controlled.

Existing solutions have not been satisfactory.

It can be asserted that, up till now, there has ben no really acceptable solution. Star-delta starters, for example, will reduce the shock-load, but, by far, do not eliminate it. Further, they impose a restriction on the frequency of re-starts, thus often forcing uneconomic idle running.

The solution.

The Powerboss makes possible a smooth, shock-free accelleration of the motor. This can be programmed, suited to the application, to take from a few seconds up to over four minutes. Similarly, a soft stop can be progreammed, particularly beneficial with certain hydraulic systems. (Reverse-current braking is also possible.)

Eliminating this start-up problem makes it now possible to switch off motors whenever they are not needed. Previous idle running is a thing of the past. The parameters for deciding to switch off can be programmed relevant to the application.